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While this is still the view many hold, not all do. On a common reading today, the Rawlsian idea of public reason is understood in terms of a hypothetical consensus on substantive reasons e.

Specifically, political legitimacy requires that a minimal standard of justice is met.

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The last section shows how the government can use power to legitimise its rule. This form of authority therefore is defined as the right and ability to exercise power as driven from the charismatic influence of the individual or groups of individuals.

Since the democratic decision, if conducted properly, correctly reveals the general will, those who voted against a particular proposal will recognize that they were wrong and will adjust their beliefs about what the general will is.

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Appiah, Anthony, Grofman, Bernard and Scott L. The instrumentalist accounts of Richard Arneson and Steven Wallfor example, refer to some ideal egalitarian distribution.

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Political Legitimacy (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)