Stress management speech outline

Thesis Statement: Stress management practices that help the mind and body handle stress.

stress and depression informative speech

What increases heart rate, causes sleep disturbance, makes people cry, act violent, makes some people sleep more and causes untold aches and pains? As you begin to understand more about how stress affects you, you will develop your own ideas to help relieve tension.

Act is the main piece of legislation that covers. Transition Now after talking about causes and effects of stress Ill give five of the most common stress relievers. Thesis: Breed specific legislation is a controversial topic in which I am very interested and would like to explore both sides of the issue to perhaps learn something new.

Some of the most common triggers are social triggers including balancing between academic and social life, adjusting to a new environment and living without family members among others.

Jaworska, N.

stress persuasive speech outline
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Essay on Informative Speech: Stress Management