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Just wait and see. But the work of art is far from the only form art takes. Sometimes it is just one word, used accidentally oh, really? Actually, once she feels it: when her daughter, Paulette, has been ignored by Santa Claus at a department store. But she was learning to love moments.

I want these poems to be free. I want them to be direct without sacrificing the kinds of music, the picturemaking I've always been interested in.

But the absence of a consistent concert stage in no way diminished the dramatic effects of their performances.

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What she wanted was to donate to the world a good Maud Martha. Both my mother and grandmother were easily talented enough for careers as performers. Every artist has a phantasmatic intimacy with her own silence. This ray is formed both through the content that is present — the described action in the vignettes — and the content that is absent — the unsaid that happens between the vignettes. They are her favourite flowers: 'She liked their demure prettiness second to their everydayness; for in that latter quality she thought she saw a picture of herself, and it was comforting to find that what was common could also be a flower. The first thing that struck me in Brooks' novel was the simplicity and candor of the language. The neat little squares of text seem to fold themselves up inside the prosaic limitations of the kitchenette apartment where Maud Martha makes her life as a married woman and mother.

But she is not only rejecting the humiliation of striving to meet empty white standards of excellence. Sometimes not even one word is said, like in the unforgettable scene at the cinema. She is still alive today. The first thing that struck me in Brooks' novel was the simplicity and candor of the language.

She was a great actress, but only in real life.

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The Silent Protest Parade, July 28,

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Historical Erasure & Common Moments in Brooks's 'Maud Martha'