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Howeverhe soon came under the influence of the Florentine humanist Coluccio Salutati — who represented the first generation of Florentine humanists who strove to renew the study of the Roman poets and historians and who polished their rhetorical skills by studying classical oratory.

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He was elected as the chancellor of Florence in but resigned within a year and returned to Rome as a papal secretary. Scrutinizing the past, Leonardo Bruni provided Europe with new interpretations of historic and civic responsibility.

Unlike the medieval chroniclers, who relied on legends and hearsay, History of the Florentine People drew on primary sources and important public and private documents.

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Expanding the world into first global age Leonardo Bruni Leonardo Bruni Leonardo Bruni was one of the foremost humanists of the early 15th century in Italy. The editor of New Advent is Kevin Knight. Bruni died in in Florence and was succeeded in office by Carlo Marsuppini.

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Bruni was the pupil of political and cultural leader Coluccio Salutatiwhom he succeeded as Chancellor of Florenceand under whose tutelage he developed his ideation of civic humanism.

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