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There was still a lot of talk about how it was not right for white and black kids to play together.

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Weren't they in a black high school last year? The white boys listen to the country music. The head coaching job is given to Coach Boone an African American, over the former, much beloved head coach, Coach Yoast. Each culture is accustomed to a certain style of music.

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At first the white kids on the team had no respect for the black kids and visa versa. She is always at the football field with her dad. The differences in musical taste is often used as a comedy piece in many films. Are these essay examples edited? Let us know! To get the boys to come together, Coach Boone forces them to get to know each of their new, different teammates, otherwise they will be running and practicing much harder. In the real world, such questions would be what the story was all about. The film is based on an integration of a high-school football team in Alexandria, Va. According to Cross, "traditional society structures people's lives and gives them little choice in their actions" , pg 9. Seeing this in action helped explain this to me.

Yoast understandably does not want to be demoted in the name of affirmative action. In view of this, we will now go ahead and Remember the Titans.

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We'll take a look right away. I will now be more aware of this.

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To protect the anonymity of contributors, we've removed their names and personal information from the essays. Are these essay examples edited? This scene definitely portrays the concept of sociological approach by showing how Gerry's decision is influenced by society. I have watched it more times than I can count, however, I have never watched it with the cultural aspects of the film in mind. The music has a very twang style to it and reminds me of square dancing music. She has been raised in a football house and would prefer to play with a football or basketball than with dolls. Neither races are obliging to this rash decision being enforced but there was nothing to be done about it. We'll take a look right away. He had no problem with going to an African American community to play basketball with his new friend, but when his mom heavily disapproved, he changed his thought process. One African American coach is picked to be head coach at a school in the suburbs. However, they stuck by their teammates through all the scrutiny and in the end came out on top and won the state championship. In order to achieve this Coach Boone took the team to a training camp where he had a plan to make these kids become not just a bunch of football players but a team that would do anything for each other.
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