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Written by Susa Dhakal Corrected Essay: In recent years, distance teaching and learning has become increasingly popular among the students, and this trend is perceived differently by learners.

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Hence, if you feel you have shortage of money then you could get quality education at low price. Distance education providers should realise that it is not the technology, but good and effective teachers that teach students. If you work for the military for example, and you are on the ship, how do you get your materials? Those who do not have a strong desire to really learn the material may easily be distracted. Irrespective of whether you're a morning lark or a night owl, you can choose an optimum time to study whenever you're at your productive best. If you do not have time in day then you can learn at night or some other time because only thing that you need is a computer with an internet connection. For this reason the areas of the online learning are improving to a great extent especially for the high school students. An effective teaching style engages skills. The last sentence is very wordy and ungrammatical. Since you are given all course work beforehand, you can study as much or as little as you want every day, as long as you complete your study material within the stipulated time. This discourages many students from undertaking a distance learning program even when the degree being offered is genuine and competitive in the market. Moreover, the fees for certain courses are in distance learning are very less compared to learning in a full time normal college.

As a matter of fact, there many employers out there who do not accept online degrees as they still find stigma attached to distance education. This essay will discuss about the merits and demerits of distant learning.

Distance education providers should realise that it is not the technology, but good and effective teachers that teach students.

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Loneliness and feelings of isolation should be avoided however by frequent online contact with tutors and taking part in virtual forums, virtual help groups and discussion rooms. All instruction is mediated by means of technology in these fully online incorporated courses. So there were advantages and disadvantages of distance education.

Essay Topic: Learning Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website! The second body paragraph is used solely to support the notion of classroom learning, while the first one is for e-learning. In India, all distance education programmes that are approved by the Distance Education Council DEC stand automatically recognized for the purpose of employment to posts and services under the Central Government.

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Many people cannot afford it. Advance planning. Here are they. You seriously miss the human aspect because you are only engaging with the technology and machines. Reduced Costs Online education can cost less due to a variety of reasons. Most people who choose online learning tend to have other commitments, and prefer this mode of learning as it gives them power over how they will delegate their time towards their different projects. This affects the credibility of recognised distance learning degrees among prospective employers. Check Out Related Articles. As long as the distance learning program is accredited, you need not be worried. Asking questions about a hard concept about a given topic can also be embarrassing for shy students. You can review the assignments and do your homework during off-hours or from home. While you can study a history lesson completely online, you cannot perform nursing clinicals online.

You can save money: For any given program, the fee of a distance education degree online or otherwise may be much more affordable than the fee of a regular on-campus degree.

Based on your unique circumstances, you can compare the advantages and disadvantages of distance learning over traditional learning, while also taking into consideration your learning styleand decide which type of education is right for you. If you're considering to earn your education by distance learning and you're not sure where to begin, we have listed here some of the top schools with online degrees in the United States that you can consider and request information to help make an informed decision.

Page Internet Availability and Affordability Finally, this is sad reality that everyone cannot afford a computer and an Internet connection because you need these things for distant learning.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Distance Learning